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It is our pleasure to present to you our proposal of a cruise to Bornholm combined with different forms of leisure on the island:
  • 4-hour bus trip with a guide,
  • diving,
  • golfing.
To your disposal we offer a luxurious ship recommissioned in June 2005 following an overhaul. The ship boasts: a restaurant, café and a discotheque. Spacious open decks provide a great view of the sea vistas and allow for sunbathing during the cruise. Our restaurant offers a broad selection of Polish dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes. These dishes are an unforgettable culinary experience. In our drink bar and café you will relax whilst having a soda and homemade cake. Another attraction is the artistic programme - sea christening, performed specially by the Ruler of the Seas attending with his entourage. To commemorate this grand event neophytes receive a certificate. (payable separately; upon special request)
Proposed cruise itinerary:
6.30 – embarkation of passengers;
07.00 – departure from Kołobrzeg to Nexo;
7.00 – 11.30 – during the cruise:
breakfast (not included in the ticket price); talk regarding the principles of navigation by the Captain along with a tour of the navigation bridge; Mariner's knot lesson conducted by the Boatswain; also optional visit of Triton - Neptune's herald, who will arrive to announce the christening and award neophytes with a special mark.
11.30 – arrival to Nexo;
12.00 – start of a guided bus trip or selection of other options (diving, golfing);
16.00 – 17.00 – end of trip, free time in Nexo;
17.30 embarkation of passengers;
17.30 – departure to Kołobrzeg;
17.30 – 22.00 – during the cruise:
dinner (payable separately); sea christening with awarding of special diplomas; discotheque with live music and DJ's show during breaks;
22.00 – arrival to Kołobrzeg.
Stay on the island
Proposal no. 1
  1. Departure from Nexo 12.00;
  2. Travel through Aakirkeby to Rytteknagten;
  3. Climbing a tower situated on the highest hill on the island (20 minutes);
  4. Arrival to Olsker and tour of the round church (15 minutes);
  5. Arrival in Hammershus and visiting the largest ruins of a medieval castle in all of Scandinavia (45 minutes);
  6. Riding along the rocky coast through Sandvig, Allinge, Gudhjem, Listed to Svaneke and visiting the city – artistic glassworks, candy manufactory, fish smoking chamber (20 minutes);
  7. Return to Nexo at 16.00.
Please contact us if You want to buy Bornholm tour.
Proposal no. 2
The waters surrounding Bornholm are very clean, as there is no industry on the island and thanks to the care Danes have for the environment. The waters exhibit great clarity (10 to 15 meter visibility), the bottom is rocky, cascading downwards. The flora is diverse, from bladderwracks growing on 0 to 6 – 8 m, through deeper growing red algae (7 – 15 m) and especially the Baltic agar. Among bladderwracks divers will find small shrimps (species Crangon crangon). Deeper, at 20 m below sea level, the bottom is sandy, although abundant in scattered stones and rocks. Flatfish are pretty common there, although these are sometimes near-indistinguishable from the sand. The east coast of the island features a sandy bottom. This part of the Baltic sea features the most interesting of artefacts: wooden parts of ships, lines, anchors. Also full wrecks, e.g. the "Ada" sailing ship, which sunk in 1867 in the roadstead of the Svaneke port. Wrecks are at a certain distance from the shore, usually 30-40 meters below sea level. We offer the professional assistance of an instructor/guide and handling any required formalities and permits.
We recommend the following diving venues:
  1. Wreck diving on a Soviet submarine. Whisky-class submarine. The ship sunk due to unknown reasons in 1989 at a depth of 25m. During an attempt to lift the ship she was moved to a depth of 38 m. Location: approximately 2 km from the town of Vang. The site can be accessed by a pathway, south of the yacht port.
    Type of bottom; boulders and rock debris, falling steeply down towards the sandy bottom.
    Attractions: remains of an old wharf from the north, granite block scarcely covered with plants and flounders on the sandy bottom.
    Level of difficulty – average
  2. Hammeren Caves – a fascinating diving spot. The caves are open in the upper part, which makes them accessible to even less experienced divers.
    Location: crevices in the cliff from the north of Hammerhavn port. Depth: approximately 17 m. Due to poor lighting conditions it is recommended to take flashlights. The caves are just a 20 minute swim from the shore.
    Attractions: two underwater and surface rock crevices (the deeper one has a length of 35 m) and bladderwracks and red algae.
  3. Hullehavn – a site good for beginners. Depth: 28 m. Attractions: high variety of plant and animal life. Bladderwracks, red algae, flounders, gobies, sloth bears, shrimps. From the north of the northern headland, there are the remains of a partially burned wreck.
  4. Bolsharn port - depth 5 - 12 m.
    Attractions: diverse bottom features. Ravines and stones make up a beautiful mountainous scenery. Variety of fish species.
  5. Svenskenhavn – ancient port for small vessels.
    Location: Svenskenhavn parking, some 1.5 km north of Nexo. Bay with slides to launch ships. Watered can be accessed from the shore over stones, along the slides. Depth - 23 m.
    Type of bottom; boulders and rock debris, cascading down towards the bottom. The bottom is filled with sand and stones.
    Attractions: bladderwracks, red algae, flounders, gobies and shrimps. Submerged 22 m below sea level is a rudder blade, broken mast of a wreck and an iron anchor.
    Level of difficulty – average.
Proposal no. 3
Bornholm is a dream place for avid golfers. It offers the perfect conditions for golfing. Golf courses are situated among fields, forests, lakes and rocks. Tourists can select from among three golf courses with 18 holes. Courses are open all year round, however, during the high-season these must be booked in advance. Each course has proper facilities, including:
  • gear rent,
  • changing rooms with showers,
  • catering facilities.
These courses also offer golf lessons.